Special Materials Company (SMC) Receives “Gold Seal” Letter from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

30th Apr 2016

New York, NY — Special Materials Company (SMC) has received EPA registrations for its Avancid® GL end use (click for letter) and manufacturing (click for letter) use glutaraldehyde containing biocides.  Inclusive of these EPA registrations, SMC has also received Gold Seal Letters of Certification from the EPA (also referred to as a “Pesticide Product Certificate of Registration”) which certifies that SMC’s glutaraldehyde products are legally registered in the U.S. with the Agency.  The “gold seal” letters affirm that SMC’s Avancid® GL biocides are registered products under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), and that these products may be sold and marketed in the United States as authorized and limited by FIFRA.

Registration of SMC’s Avancid® GL glutaraldehyde biocides with the EPA denotes that SMC is responsible for ensuring full compliance with all laws regarding the sale, distribution, storage and/or disposal of these product.  According to SMC’s Chief Operating Officer Michel DelliCompagni “Responsibility matters to Special Materials Company.  These registrations along with the Gold Seal Letters of Certification demonstrates SMC’s commitment to maintain excellence by adhering to applicable laws, rules, and regulations with respect to our registered biocides.”

SMC recently underwent an intensive registration process with the EPA and made a significant investment in registering these biocides at the federal and individual state levels.

The Avancid® GL series of glutaraldehyde based biocides have found wide-spread use in a variety of applications, particularly in oil and gas, industrial water treatment, process water systems,  and industrial preservation applications.  These products are now commercially available through SMC and the recently formed SMC Oilfield Chemicals Division.

For additional information on these products, please contact Charlie Neale @225-953-3823 or Lauren Bogie @ 918-202-3022.